Infant Car Seat Installation




Place the infant car seat on the back seat with the seat facing the car’s rearward windshield.

An ISOFIX base is not compulsory for this seat to be used effectively and safely.

STEP 2: 

Course the lap belt portion of the seat belt under the two belt guides and then buckle it. (See arrowed sticker indications on the car seat for guidance on where to course through.)

STEP 3: 

Course the shoulder strap through the back of the car seat, weaving it through the belt guide and then give it a pull to ensure it is tight and secure.

STEP 4: 

Always be 100% sure that the seatbelt locks into position each time you tighten it. 

If it does not lock, you may need to purchase an aftermarket locking clip for seatbelts.

STEP 5: 

Push the car seat handle as far backward as possible, until it is tightly pushing against the passenger seat. This allows for extra safety and ensure less movement of the seat.

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